Bringing AI To Every Surveillance Camera.

Add advanced AI analytics to your security cameras in 30 min using our Plug & Play solution.
Integrate with your VMS or IoT platform in days using our API.
Cloud, on-premise and hybrid options available!


Y Combinator


Detecting more objects than ever before

We support over 500 objects and can add support for new objects based on your needs.

Highly accurate human detection

Offering unmatched accuracy in detecting humans in long distance/low resolution/low light conditions. Capable of detecting humans with as low as 3 PPF for visible and thermal cameras.

Human Detection
Specific events beyond object detection
Supported event categories:
  • Object status change
  • Object in specific location for x sec
  • Interactions between two objects
  • Activity recognition
  • Object count
  • Facial recognition


Are you an integrator or surveillance system owner?

Set up our Plug & Play solution for your customers or your own system in less than 30 min!

  • Get our gateway, Raspberry Pi (for cloud solution) or NVIDIA Jetson module (for on-prem/hybrid solution) with all required software pre-installed.
  • Simply connect the gateway to your WiFi network.
  • Use our dashboard to search for all RTSP/ONVIF cameras on your network and connect the ones you like, create new custom alerts (events), set/change configs, and review the alerts.
  • Receive alerts in real time via SMS, email or an API call to 3rd party APIs.
Cloud Solution
  • Gateway: uses Raspberry Pi module as gateway.
  • Remote access: use our our online dashboard to access the alerts anytime and from anywhere.
  • Bandwidth: only when a motion is detected, our gateways transmit video frames to the cloud and even then, frames are sent only at a 2 FPS rate for the duration of the motion.
  • Security Risks: frames uploaded to the cloud are discared unless they correspond to user's event of interest.
  • Cost: cheaper gateways, lower initial cost.
On-premise Solution
  • Gateway: uses NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2 or Xavier as gateway.
  • Entirely Offline: runs comletely offline. No internet connection needed!
  • Cost: no cloud cost, lower license fees.
Hybrid Solution
  • Inference done entirely locally.
  • Alerts sent via internet for remote access when an event of interest is detected.

Are you a manufacturer, VMS creator or an IoT platform provider?

Integrate with your software within days using our cloud API or on-prem containerized software.

Cloud Solution

Integrating our cloud solution is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Create custom alerts using our REST API.
  2. Upload video frames to designated S3 buckets or an FTP server at 2 FPS.
  3. Receive alerts in real time (< 1s latency) via an HTTP call to your desired endpoint(s).

We do not store your users' raw data (i.e. video frames.)

On-premise Solution

Install our containerized software including a server (with a REST API) on a local Linux box (GPU required) and use the API to integrate with your VMS.
We offer both ARM and x86 editions of the software.

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Initial Cost Recurring Cost
API, Cloud $0 $6.99/cam/month
Plug & Play, Cloud $39.99/gateway $129.99/cam/year
API, On-prem $0 $59.99/cam/year
Plug & Play, On-prem $129.99+/gateway $79.99/cam/year
  • Each cloud gateway can support up to 6 channels.
  • Each on-prem gateway can support 4-8 channels.