Enabling your surveillance cameras to recognize what matters to you!
Create custom alerts for events you care about. Get notified when they happen.

Sample Custom Alerts

Child Care

Kid playing with the stove.

Toddler climbing furniture.

Kid holding a knife.

Baby left alone for too long.

Pet Care

Dog chewing on a shoe.

Dog getting on the couch.

Cat scratching the furniture.*

Dog urinating.*

Home Security

Package being taken away.*

Car parked in front of the driveway.

New face detected.

Person disposing of garbage.

Vacation Rentals

Max occupancy violated.

Dog detected.

Car parked in the wrong spot.

Garage door left open.*

Elderly Care

Elderly person taking her medications.

Elderly person had a fall.*

Elderly person in bed for too long.

Elderly person performing exercise.*

Wild Life

Bear detected.

Bear next to the car.

Coyote apeared.

Raccoon getting into garbage.

*: in the works.

Search Past Footage 10x Faster!

Query for specific events and get the results instantly.
e.g. Show me clips of when
    • truck appeared.
    • stranger was detected.
    • dog was detected.
    • bicycle disappeared.

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